Quickly start your business in FOUR Simple Steps! 

Learn the IMPORTANT Steps to starting your Business!

  • Turn your Idea into a profitable business.
  • Deal with fear & doubts from friends and family.
  • Charge your customers higher prices and make money.
  • Build a loyal workforce with little to no money.
  • Use the biggest social media tools the right way and build a following.
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“Start Me Up! The No-Business-Plan, Business Plan by Ebong Eka is a must-read for new entrepreneurs! Ebong has created a wonderful guide to ensure a successful path into business ownership!” Nellie Akalp, Founder & CEO CorpNet
“This book explains the basis and (several overlooked) basics for building a successful business. Add it to your start up tool kit!” Yanik Silver, Bestselling Author of Maverick Startup
“Most would-be entrepreneurs are either too scared or too unsure to move forward with their idea. Eka’s insight destroys those fears and inspires one to sprint down the path towards their entrepreneurial dream. My advice, don’t buy this book if you are not ready fly.” Karla Trotman, Founder of BellyButtonBoutique.com & Monthly Contributor to NBC Philadelphia

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